P r o f u m i

olfactive pyramid

Acqua Mia

top note Bergamot, Lemon, Basil
heart note Lavender, Jasmin, Iris
base note Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber

Voglie di Mare

top note Green Mint, Bergamot, Algae, Birch
heart note Lotus Flower, Jasmin, Wormwood
base note Treemoss, Sandalwood, Leather

Legni Dolci Bruciati

top note Apple, Orange, Lime, Saffron
heart note Rose, Iris, Jasmin
base note Vanilla, Agarwood, Patchouli, Ambrein

Il Solo E L’Unico Oud

top note Bergamot, Caraway, Saffron
heart note Rose, Iris
base note Agarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Leather

Cocktail Di Frutta

top note Passion Fruit, Mango, Papaya, Guava
heart note Lotus Flower, Orchid, Freesia
base note Vetiver, Treemoss, Honey

Esotico Assoluto

top note Passion Fruit, Mango, Papaya, Guava
heart note Tuberose, Narcissus, Gardenia
base note Vanilla, Tonka, Tolu, Peru

Rosa Del Deserto

top note Pink Pepper, Strawberry, Raspberry
heart note Taif Rose, Jasmin, Honey
base note Sandalwood, White Musk, Incense

Muschio Di Liatride

top note Apple, Strawberry, Cardamom
heart note Rose, Jasmin, Iris
base note Liatrix, Sandalwood, White Musk

Karo Karounde

top note Pineapple, Strawberry, Black Currant
heart note Karo Karounde, Orchid, Ylang Ylang
base note Vanilla, Amber, Vetiver

Belin Che Canna

top note Bergamot, Rhubarb, Nepal Pepper
heart note Jasmin, Cannabis, Sandalwood
base note Vetiver, Amber, White Musk

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This is an unusual story. It is a story of passion, great emotions, devotion, an excellent nose, a creative mind, an appreciation of exquisite raw materials, a feeling for good things, an extraordinary imagination, attention of detail, an excellent memory and a lot of patience. Everything combined in one person... 
arturetto landi

He was born in Lerici, the pearl in the Gulf of Poets, as the Gulf of La Spezia on the Italian Riviera is known. His love for fresh sea air and the very special atmosphere of sunsets on the beach are very much part of him today. It did not take long for Art Landi to realise that the perfumes of this world should become his lifelong creative passion. He started his apprenticeship in Germany 1976 and qualified as a perfumer in 1980. Since then he has created many unique compositions which often enough have become great favourites for perfume lovers all around the world. During his career as a perfumer, he particularly came to appreciate the Orient. On numerous journeys he experienced impressions of new fragrances and new materials which fascinated him and which he let flow into his compositions. He is one of the first perfumers who has discovered the beauty and mystical effect of Dahn al Oudh, a fragrance material, that today is influencing many western creations and inspired him to "The one and only Oudh". Again and again he dreamt of creating fragrances which would reflect his personality.

  • Born

    Lerici - Italia

  • Qualified

    as Creative Perfumer

  • Start

    Profumi d'Art Series

  • % Passion


What will be you SCENT-sibility ?
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ART 01

Acqua Mia
Acqua Mia is a blend of the world’s finest essential oils. The brilliant top note is refreshing and zesty, bursts into life with a bracing citrus complex. The heart notes are an alluring blend, rich and unique, of precious jasmine supported by iris from Tuscany. They turn into a warm, sensual accord, made of exclusive woods and vetiver. A sensual musk note adds depth and richness giving the scent reliability and long life.
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Art 02

Voglie di Mare
A powerful, vibrant, exhilarating, cool, energizing aquatic accord, created in such a way that even as the fragrance builds in richness, depth and warmth the fresh marine aromatic feeling remains. This skillful blend of freshness and warmth is achieved through an exclusive and unique sea aromatic accord. It contains a complex of natural algae extracts, sea moss, pink pepper, cardamom, ginger, juniper and Mediterranean fir. Fine essences of citrus increase the purity and transparency of the scent. The heart is a bouquet of water and flowers with a veil of transparent freshness.
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Art 03

Legni Dolci Bruciati
A precious woody, ambré, sweet musky blend, complex in its diffusion of notes, yet perfectly balanced. It begins with a unique citrus, fruit accord. The bouquet contains an unusual combination of saffron and roses which gives sensuality and richness to the scent. The true character of this creation comes from the background, the most unique and rare Indian woody notes, agarwood, nagarmotha and sandalwood. Vanilla and amber give the final touch. The result is a long lasting, cultivated masculine creation.
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Art 04

Il Solo e l’Unico Oud
Mysterious, opulent, precious and intoxicating. A rich creation around Trat agarwood, doctored with fruity floral, amber, musky balsamic nuances.
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Art 05

Cocktail di Frutta Esotica
A dramatically unique, exotic fragrance blending lush tropical fruity notes of mango, passion fruit, papaya and guava with the juicy Mediterranean fruits of strawberry, plum, peach and raspberry. The citrus notes of orange lemon and mandarin awaken the senses. The body of the perfume is created around a very feminine fresh bouquet of freesia, lily, jasmine and iris. A background of fruity musks and fresh woody notes support tropical feeling while adding sensuality.
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Art 06

Esotico Assoluto
A modern, fruity, sensual, oriental scent which harmoniously combines the sweet and mystical background with modern fruity top notes. The bouquet is very feminine and elegant, supported mainly by white flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, gardenia and narcissus. The body is very rich and sophisticated, captured all around by the gorgeous smell of vanilla beans and supported by a very precious musky accord.
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Art 07

Rosa del Deserto
A very unique, powerful and exhilarating feminine, floral, oriental complex dominated by the absolute scent of the Taif rose. It opens with a sparkling, fruity accord followed by refreshing, aqueous green notes. The core of the fragrance is a very rich floral bouquet in which the Taif rose, lotus-flower, Arabic jasmine and magnolia are perfectly balanced. The very sophisticated musk accord completes the creation giving it radiance and making it long lasting.
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ART 08

Muschio di Liatride
A complex and intriguing fragrance composed of high percentage of natural essences. The brilliant top notes combine gustative fruity notes with fresh bergamot and vibrant spices over a sparkling floracy of rose, geranium, iris and jasmine, giving the bouquet a warm heart. The profound sensuality of this scent comes from the background … mysterious musk, velvety woods, a rich vanilla accord and the unique scent of liatrix odorata create a lasting impression of richness and depth.
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ART 09

Karo Karounde
A sensual, exotic, white flowers bouquet made with a high percentage of natural floral essences, jasmine, tuberose, osmanthus, narcisse, ylang ylang, orange flower, interwoven around the beautiful and mysterious karo karounde flower. It starts with an intoxicating mixture of gustative fruity notes combined with delicious notes of cacao embracing the rich flowers bouquet. Precious sandalwood, natural vanilla absolute and velvety musky notes deliver a sense of femininity, seduction, and sensuality generating a memorable and lingering finish.
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ART 10

Belin Ché Canna
A unique Chypre creation. A cool and clever top note reminiscent of fresh cannabis perfectly married to a cocktail of citrus notes with a touch of herbs and spices. A warm heart, vibrant with a richness of jasmine and gardenia, blended with a precious combination of vetiver and sandalwood. A lingering base with an opulent and elegant accord of leather incense, white musk and ambergris gives the scent a thoroughbred elegance.

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